Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grooming issues

Summer months must be brutal on the ball field.

Thankfully it has been getting a little TLC.

Texas vs. Notre Dame? That would be a hot ticket, even if its not until 2015.

I don't care who just got married, who just broke up or who has a kid on the way.

I do care about pitching match-ups though. :-)

Nolan Ryan came out the winner in the battle for the Rangers. Of course, having to shell out $593 million probably makes the creditors of Tom Hicks the winners.

Mark Cuban offered congrats to Chuck and Nolan through his twitter page.

I am always looking for Terrell related items to share. Make sure you check out the links to the right for the Fly-in and Outdoor expo. I have one more I will be adding in the next day or so.