Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Red

Meet the Tigers was last night at the TAC. This is Bid Red, the Tigers mascot.

The State Fair of Texas is less than a month away, today they announced the finalists for the 2010 Big Tex Choice Awards.

Deep Fried S'mores Pop Tart®
Deep Fried Frozen Margarita
Fernie's Fried Club Salad
Fried Beer™
Fried Chocolate
Fried Lemonade
Texas Fried Caviar
Texas Fried Frito® Pie

Which one would you want to try?


B SQUARED said...

I'd give it all a try except for the Caviar.

Olivier said...

une belle mascotte,qui doit crever de chaud dans le gymnase ;)

Small City Scenes said...

Nice to meet the Mascot. He really looks fierce. ROAR!!

Too much fried fair stuff. Just give mine to B Squared. MB

Halcyon said...

I think he looks too nice! Especially with those pom pons. :)

Lynette said...

Well, I just don't know, Jim. Probably the chocolate, the margarita. Unreal. I'll bet the winner will be on the national news.