Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cold Front

As the sun set last night a cold front moved in. Temperatures dipped into the low 70s last night, and the high today is only suppose to make it to 90. A nice break from the 100 degree weather.

Be at the Terrell Athletic Complex tonight at 6PM for Meet the Tigers.


Olivier said...

cela donne une belle lumiere au ciel

Small City Scenes said...

A beautiful picture Jim.
Your low is closer to our high. 70 degree weather is about hot enough for me. Funny what we get used to isn't it. MB

B SQUARED said...

Hope the "cooler" weather continues.

Lynette said...

Hooray for the cold front! We have been warmer than usual on Tuesday and will be again today, in the mid-90s. Thursday we'll be back in the 70s, maybe even get some drizzle.

I like your photo today, Jim, the depth is super.

Glad you like the Olds--the hood was up while it was parked at the car show. I know everyone is proud of their motors, but I'd rather see the car with the hood shut so that I can get the entire line of the design in the photo.

Have a blast at Meet the Tigers!

Halcyon said...

Our temps are still in the mid-90s but the humidity has gone down considerably. It's nice for a change! Hope your cool temps continue as well.

Petrea said...

Wow, that's a beaut.

Bogdan Stelistul said...

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