Monday, July 19, 2010

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

Today's shot is from the rodeo Saturday night in Wills Point, TX. It was fun, but got dark pretty quick. A small rodeo album from Saturday night is up on the Facebook page. Have you hit the "like" button yet?

Huge Terrell Tigers news broke Saturday, Jherrod Stiggers will play basketball at the University of Houston. Below is a shot of Jherrod from last year. I noticed its the same picture on the link, no big deal though. Jherrod also stars on the varsity football team.

Yesterday Brian and I ran a 5K race at Norbuck Park in Dallas. I was disappointed with my time, over 2 minutes slower that my previous race. I finished in 37:13 and in 659th place. The race started at 7:45 but it was still hot. Guess that's why its called Too Hot to Handle. We have haven't decided what the next race will be.

The meteorologists at KDFW Fox 4 in Dallas have been questioning the temperature gauge in Terrell. It seems Terrell's temperature has been reading the hottest in the area and in some cases the hottest in the State. Fox 4 tells us the National Weather Service said the gauge is working properly, it's just HOT.

I must have missed this while on vacation. The State of Texas is facing a budget shortfall. For a time is seemed the State Hospital in Terrell wouldn't lose any beds in budget cuts, but I found this last night. It looks like the state may eliminate 183 beds over 5 hospitals. Hopefully, I am reading it wrong and Terrell will not lose any beds or jobs.

Join us in Terrell this Saturday on the 24th for the Terrell Photo Walk. Register by following the link on the right. Brian has more information.


B SQUARED said...

Good luck to the lad. I just don't understand rodeos. I think you have to have "The West" in your blood to appreciate them.

brian stout said...

We could follow up the too hot to handle with the summer sizzler... :)

Lynette said...

You and Brian are a couple of tough guys, Jim, running in footraces in July in Texas. Wow.

So is this young rodeo man--still pretty hot at the event, right? Great photo!

Can't believe it--my word verification word is amble--cool!

Halcyon said...

Great rodeo shots. This guy looks worn out!

Small City Scenes said...

Rodeo is hard work by the look on this bronc rider's face. MB

Tricia said...

I don't care much for basketball, but the cowboy shot is cool! He looks weighed down w/ all that gear on! LoL!

SRQ said...

Between his expression and lugging that rodeo gear, that cowboy sure looks tuckered out. Nice capture.

Jacob said...

I'm glad you finished the race...I'm sure it was very hot. Not good for running.

Love the kid in the rodeo photo...we used to go to the Mesquite rodeo frequently.

What, you mean Texas isn't rolling in moolah? Well, let's cut taxes on the rich again; that'll solve the problem. Yikes!