Friday, July 16, 2010

Undefeated so far

A crowd of about 2 dozen were on hand last night as Terrell Athletic Director Chris Gilbert introduced Terrells newest varsity coaches. Introduced first was the new girls varsity basketball coach Mike Halac. Coach Halac, who described himself as a gym rat, said his team will be prepared for the season and no one will outwork his team all season. He is a strong believer in weight training telling the girls they will be in the weight room 4 days a week getting bigger, stronger and faster. He expects the team to be very successful.

Below Coach Halac introduces himself to the crowd.

The second coach introduced was Gage Davis the new varsity baseball coach for the Tigers. Coach Davis came to Terrell from the successful Rockwall Heath program. He described himself as a baseball fanatic and has been preparing for his first chance to be a head coach since he was little. He acknowledged the work accomplished by former Coach Rush and said he wants to build on what he started. Coach Davis said he is here to win playoff games, not just make the playoffs.

Coach Davis during the meet and greet.

I am ready for the new school year.