Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3rd, One year anniversary

June 3rd marks one year I have been photo blogging. I joined City Daily Photo a few months after I started my site.

My original idea when starting my site was to just let people know that Terrell is a nice place to live and visit. I also wanted pictures of some of the historic buildings in Terrell that some day may end up gone. I hope I have been able to capture what Terrell is like and show some of our historic homes and buildings.

I have lived in Terrell over 10 years and over the past year, I did a lot of firsts. Besides starting my first blog. I went to my first Terrell High School sporting event. I ended up going to basketball, baseball, softball and boys and girls soccer games. I hope to add football to the list this fall. I went to the No. 1 British Flying Training School museum for the first time. I had pictures posted on the Terrell Chamber of Commerce website for the first time. I went to my first bike rally, first Relay for Life.......I could go on, but the one thing I have learned is that I like where I live.

I have learned so much from everyone in the blogging world, how to write (still learning), framing a shot, camera jargon, everything I always wanted to know about birds, and ideas for the next picture. Most importantly I have been able to see parts of the world that I never knew existed and places I may only get to visit through your pictures. Thanks.
So year 1 down, year 2 here I come.