Monday, November 5, 2012

iPhone panorama

I didn't notice that the upgrade to the iPhone came with a panorama shot.

Did you take part in the Worldwide Photo Walk? Scott Kelby announced the top ten and the winner of the photo contest. There are some amazing shots, take a look.

The Tigers football season comes to an end this Friday.  They travel to Highland Park to take on one of the best 4A teams in the state.

College basketball is gearing up for a new year.  Tonisha Dean is a Sophomore for Conners College in Warner, OK.  Jherrod Stiggers is a redshirt Freshman for the University of Houston.

The Terrell High School Lady Tigers season tips off tonight in Tyler. Their first home game isn't till November 19th. The boys start their season the 13th. They have their first home game on November 16th.


Lowell said...

Hey, that's wonderful. We're going to get the new iPhone soon. Nice to hear from you.

Yeah, Texas is something else. I agree with what you said about your choices. Texas hasn't voted my choices in years - even when I lived there! :-)

Our Florida governor shut down early voting and tried to do everything possible to keep Democratic voters from voting. Ugh!

Tanya said...

cool shot!

Olivier said...

superbe cela rend vraiment tres bien

Kate said...

Hmm! Maybe I wil get an iphone 5 now, but I cannot imagine taking photos without using my Canon.

Thanks for the link; I wish I would have known about the photo walk. The photos are spectacular.

SRQ said...

Panoramics definitely have their place. Cool shot. Have fun!

Lois said...

That is pretty cool.