Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr. Gwendolyn Kines Day in Terrell, Texas

Terrell Mayor Hal Richards reads the proclamation to Dr. Kines
in front of a standing room only crowd.

In July 2007, I posted a picture of my dentist office. My title was Best Dentist in Terrell, it was about my dentist Dr. Gwendolyn Kines.

Last night was the City Council meeting and since my life is so exciting I decided to go see what was going on. To my surprise (and Dr. Kines) they were leading off the meeting by recognizing the work Dr. Kines does in the community. Mayor Hal Richards read a proclamation declaring March 18, 2009 Dr. Gwendolyn Kines day in Terrell, Texas.

Here are a few stories about Dr. Kines and some of the work she does in Terrell. These all have appeared in the Terrell Tribune over the last few years.

Former Terrellite checks Rotarians on dental habits

Kiwanis Club, Bright Smiles Clinic team up to teach good dental health

Local dentist Kines teams with Kiwanis Club to help give school kids a smile

Dentists offer preventive care during ‘Give Kids a Smile Day’

I met Tricia, a reporter from Tribune, and owner of Tricia's POV. I am sure she will have a story in the Tribune about the proclamation from the Mayor. If it gets posted online, I will provide the link.

UPDATED: Tricia's story is now posted at the Terrell Tribune Online, City honors local dentist.

After the recognition of Dr. Kines, the Council went about its regular business. I will look for Tricia's story on that also.

I will post the results of the bake sale tomorrow morning.


Small City Scenes said...

Well now you are famous because she's your dentist. LOL
Neat story I hope the reporters article is online. MB

Olivier said...

je trouve qu'il est intéressant d'aller aux réunions du Conseil municipal, on y apprend beaucoup de chose sur l'évolution future de notre ville (mais que c'est long, très long, trop long ;o)) )
I find that it is interesting to go to the meetings of the Town council, they teach it thing on the future evolution of our city (a lot but that it is long, very long, too long ;o)))

Atlântico Azul said...

Good professionals and good people in general should be awarded!!!! Well done!!!

Nancy said...

Community service - God bless her. We should all be doing something to give back. Thanks for reminding us!

Tanya said...

What a wonderful woman! How lucky for you to have her as your very own dentist!

Julie said...

What a nice surprise! It is good to recognize the good works of others who are contributing back to the community. And in answer to your question about the absinthe, I was following directions to sip, but then I forgot and started drinking more and more as it is smooth. The waiter came back over and reminded me of the high alcohol content and to remember to slip slowly over time. Interesting that the waiter has to "watch" customers and remind us but good that they do!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what an honor!

alicesg said...

Oh lovely post. Wow she has a day named after her. I wish we had one here too. :)

Rambling Round said...

Not many dentists get that kind of recognition! Nice.

Neva said...

You can pick your dentist's really well! Congrats!