Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it worth it?

It seems has been stolen from under me. I thought it was strange when I checked my recent visitors this morning that I had two from one at 6:10am this morning, the exact time my page went away.

This morning after posting my pictures, my site disappeared. I tried google help, I was told I needed to make changes to my DNS. That didn't work because I couldn't find where to make the change. I had no clue.

I paid for a year through google apps in December for my domain name. I have an order number and my credit card sure was charged. Google hasn't helped, Go Daddy customer service is a POS.

Old Hyde, a helpful CDP posted the whois info for my site. Its listed below.

Registrant:Scriptycan INC
courtice, Ontario l1e2y9
Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 05-Jan-08
Expires on: 05-Jan-10
Last Updated on: 16-Feb-09

Administrative Contact:

INC, Scriptycan
courtice, Ontario l1e2y9
Canada9054366391 Fax --

Technical Contact:
INC, Scriptycan Ontario
courtice, Ontario l1e2y9
Canada9054366391 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

With the above info I contact Go Daddy, but since my credit card isn't the one of record they couldn't tell me anything, they said I wasn't authorized. They said I needed a PIN number. Where do I get a pin number? They didn't know. Bull F'n Shit. I am getting more pissed as I type.

So, I have changed back to the blogspot address. We will see how long this goes. Not sure its worth it. You try to do something that people will like and someone comes along an screws you. Figures.


Lynette said...

What a load of crap, Jim. Can you get the holder of the credit card in question to contact them for you, with you sitting right there, too? It seems to me that ought to work. But maybe not. I don't pretend to understand how all of this stuff works, and I absolutely hate that you've been stiffed and screwed!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I sure hope this is fixed up! It really does get you when you see somthing like that.
Hang in there--

Boise Diva said...

Thanks for the explanation as far as you know. I wonder if something bigger is afoot to steal CDP pages....

Kate said...

Hmm! All this technical stuff is mysterious to me, but I hope that your problem is resolve...quickly!!

Ackworth born said...

Well Jim, you haven't lost your blog. It is obviously still here under blogger.

I've never seen any real sense in having a domain name that only directs to blogger.

I would suggest you change your password as that is your security against anyone hacking the blog itself.

Neva said...

see above as to why I haven't been by! but what a mess and isn't it frustrating? I will go and fix my link!