Saturday, March 15, 2008

Books and Crannies herb fair

A few days ago I mentioned the sign at Books & Crannies said they would be having Herb fair today, and I wondered what it was. I took the opportunity to make my first visit to the bookstore today and found out what the herb fair was.

First off the store is really neat. I think they have every book every published. When I went in the store Gayle Harris who owns the store greeted me. She is very nice, she told me she has visited my website before, and she let me take whatever photos I wanted. So I will give you a few today and a few more tomorrow and maybe Monday.

Today’s pictures are of the herb fair.

The first picture is the ladies giving a demonstration on how to make dip from scratch making herbs. Gayle, the owner, is left of center in the gray shirt hugging the guy with the fuzzy mustache (her husband I hope). I didn’t notice when I was taking the picture, but it looks like the throw with Harry Potter on the back of the chair is trying to give a kiss on the cheek to the lady sitting there.

This is a wider shot of the front part of the store.

This is the lady that was preparing the dip. I wish I had gotten her name. Later in the day they were going to show how to make herb vinegar.

This is a shot from the front of the store looking towards the back. This was as the dip presentation was going on and me trying to stay out of the way.

Tomorrow I will give a better view of the book section of the store and Maddie the bookstore cat.