Monday, March 17, 2008

Behind the curtain

A theatre

Books & Crannies is located in the old Iris Theatre. The front of the building has been posted many times on this site. The theatre was built in in the mid 1920s and closed in 2001. I went to one movie there, Titanic. There are train tracks behind the theatre and when the train went past it would walk all over the sound. It still was neat to go to the movies in a real theatre and not a 30 plex. Even though most of the space is now the book store, they have an area in the back, behind the black curtain, that keeps the spirit of the Iris.

So, behind he curtain is a small theatre. There’s a seating area for about 30 people and room in front for kids.

They have a small screen set up and a 14 foot stage for plays. The Vagabond Players put on a play called Love Letters last month. I am not sure what or when the next production will be, but I remember seeing a notice on the marquee recently that they were having auditions.

To see what the theatre looked like years ago, check out this site.

I hope everyone has enjoyed getting a peek inside the bookstore and theatre. I really like that Gayle and her husband have kept the spirit of the Iris alive and have a thriving business. My next task will be to check to see if the have J. Andrews book.