Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Running again

I haven't been running much since I've been having problems with my knee.  The orthopedic specialist has me wearing a light brace on it whenever I am not in bed.  He doesn't think I have a torn meniscus, maybe arthritis or something floating around.  I'm on celebrex, but I dont think its working.  My knee is as painful today as it was when I first made the doctor appointment.  I have a follow up in late October to see where its at, hopefully, not in as much pain.  In the mean time, he said I could run, so I ran a 5K yesterday.  My time wasn't great. I went to about the turn around and my knee started acting up.  I finished, but very slowly.


Tanya Breese said...

sorry about your knee...hope it's feeling better soon! don't over do it!

Lynette said...

I agree with every word Tanya Breese typed, Jim, and then some.

Kate said...

My suggestion: Use lots of ice and switch doctors; getting another opinion is a wise step!! Plus don't put any more strain on that knee. I've been through it, and it ain't fun!!