Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gladiator Rock'n Run Fun

It was a lot of fun yesterday at the Gladiator Rock'n Run.  The course was hard but awesome.  I think I ended up with a broken finger, but that's OK. Here are a few pictures of the final two obstacles.  There are more posted on the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page, including a HD video.

Dan Clark, aka Nitro from American Gladiators created the Gladiator Rock'n Run.


Lynette said...

I looked at every photo on Facebook, Jim. How'd you take all of those and participate, too? I'm thinking you must have had a big ol' bucket of water and lots of cloths and towels waiting for you somewhere once you'd finished so you could get out your camera and start snapping. Or you waited until you had all the photos you wanted before you even started.

Coincidentally, there was a similar event, near Portland. Here's a link to the photos displayed on which is the Web site of our ABC affiliate. Coincidentally, I live a block and a half from that station's building and satellite dishes. I did not go watch the "more than 5,000 people" in Spartan Race, the name of our event. I am curious, though, how the barbed wire section here compared with the barbed wire section where you are. It's photo 8, if you take a look.

Lynette said...

At that link I sent you about the Spartan Race over in Washington, it looks like those poor people were crawling on barely muddy dirt! See photo 6 at the link. I'll bet their knees had had it by the time there were out from under all of that barbed wire I saw in photo 8

Now I'm wondering if any of the mudders up here participated last night in the Naked Bike Ride here in Portland. I sat outside my apartment on the corner near the ABC affiliate for over 45 minutes watching them go by, heading east on NE Sandy Blvd. I didn't take any sort of camera with me--maybe next year!

Tricia Hays said...

So, ya'll got to meet him... he looks much different than i remember... maybe it's the Texas heat, tho! =0

Halcyon said...

A good place to get messy! It looks fun. :)

Kate said...

Perhaps it's fun for some folks, Jim, but it's not for me!