Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Terrell Halloween Tradition

Last night the Terrell downtown merchants along with the Terrell Fire & Volunteer Fire Departments hosted a trick or treat on Moore Ave.  Lots of kids and costumes.

Some big kids too.

I missed my normal post yesterday morning.  I was trying to recover from Sunday mornings run.  One trip around White Rock Lake, 9 miles.  This Saturday is the Theta 5K at SMU benefiting Dallas CASA.  One of the perks to sign up for that race is a ticket to the SMU homecoming football game.   In less than two weeks it's the San Antonio Rock and Roll half marathon.  

Will SMU be selected for the Armed Forces Bowl or the TicketCity Bowl?  Either way, they will not have far to go.  I would rather watch SMU play a Big 10 team in the TicketCity bowl and maybe Tulsa in the Armed Forces bowl against BYU.


Halcyon said...

I love it when people get into the spirit of Halloween. It's always been something I looked forward to.
I only got 10 trick-or-treaters last night. Lots of leftover candy to contend with today. :(

Rambling Round said...

Fun! I see that more towns are opting for downtown trick or treats.

SRQ said...

Heee -- I like the gorilla with the Hawaiian shirt. Hopefully, the Spartans will pull it together for the rest of the season or you might see MSU at the TicketCity Bowl.

Lynette said...

Folks having fun, folks of all sizes. You can't beat it! What a wonderful tradition for Terrell.

Good luck with your running, Jim.

Lowell said...

You are a running firebrand these days! That's great.

I used to hate it when kids taller than I am would come to the door begging for treats!

Now we're in a community with no little kids. However, our bell rang last night anyway. Turned out some neighbors were going around giving out treats. A reverse "trick or treat"!

Some people never grow up! :-)

Olivier said...

belle parade, de beaux déguisements d'Halloween ;o)