Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saturday night entertainment

After the run and football game Saturday we headed up to Celina for the Celina Balloon Festival.  It was windy all day and we knew before going up there, that there was a good chance they wouldn't be able to inflate any balloons.  We were right, they were not able to do anything with the balloons, but they did have live music, rides, food and a laser show.  They also brought out a half dozen or so balloon baskets and burners.

The guy in the white shirt at the bottom right is 
controlling the large kite, or maybe the kite is 
controlling him, hes airborne.
I remember this ride from when I was a kid. I 
didn't ride it, I just watched. 

It was getting late, we watched them fire the balloon burners, listened to the band, then headed back to Terrell before the laser show started.

No balloons, but that was OK.


Olivier said...

superbe les photos de nuit avec les feux, ca rend tres bien

Lynette said...

Up in the air! Crazy! Love the photo of the band, Jim. It's so fine. How in the world did you get your photos arranged like this? Looks good.

Kate said...

As adults it's a challenge to get on the rides we enjoyed as a kid!

Lowell said...

No wonder you had a good time even without the balloons! Great food, rides, drink and music. How to beat that?

brian stout said...

At least you saw some baskets :)

ragnor relay said...

Wow! The ride of that scary thing would make me freak out.