Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nike Radar Platform

I have posted shots of this before, but with a new road open, I was hoping to get a closer look.  Unfortunately, its fenced off and posted private property.  I have no desire to trespass.  In the 1960's Terrell was home to a Nike Missile Site.  The site has been cleaned up and besides a few cement pads this is about the only thing remaining.  There was a second site a mile or so away, but its private property and off the main road.

I saw the rain clouds across the street from the radar platform, but we didn't get any rain. It was 106 during our 2.7 mile run.

Koffee Kake has their website up and running. If you havent visited, what are you waiting for? Last Friday I tried the white chocolate raspberry cheescake. It tasted great.