Sunday, April 24, 2011

Heart of Heath 5K

Yesterday was the Heart of Heath 5k in Heath, TX. There were over 450 registered runners and 420 finishers, an amazing turnout.

Before medals were awarded, numbers were drawn for prizes. I didn't win a prize, but being able to run a 5K already makes me a winner. At least that's what the guy giving out the prizes told all us losers.

One of the things I noticed that was different than the Fountain 5K in Terrell the Saturday before, other than more than 400 more people, was the number of young people that ran.  The organizers of the Terrell run could learn a lot from the people who organize the races in Rockwall County.


brian stout said...

well, if nothing else... running taught me a little bit about the metric conversion of kilometers to miles!! =0

SRQ said...

Nice to see the younger crowd out there. Did you see any of them texting while running? : )

Small City Scenes said...

Always a winner--never a lose!Yeah right!! MB

Sailor said...

You are a winner. You run for a cause and that makes the difference. Beautiful shot. Happy Easter!