Monday, October 18, 2010

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

The State Fair of Texas ended yesterday.  I made the trip out there Thursday.  Below is a small listing of the Fair food available.  I'll have more pictures from the Fair this week. Click the picture for a larger version.

The Tigers have a short week, they play Thursday night in Mesquite against the West Mesquite Wranglers.    The Wranglers QB is TCU recruit Trevone Boykin.  Trevone has scored 16 rushing touchdowns and passed for 13 leading his team to a 4-1 district record and 6-1 overall.  Friday night they defeated Waxahachie 63-56.    I have an album posted to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page from Friday nights game against Corsicana.  Recommend Terrell Daily Photo on Facebook to your friends.

Saturday was suppose to be the Convoy for a Cure out at TA truck stop.  However, citing numerous safety concerns the Terrell Police Department would not allow the convoy leave the parking lot.  I'll put up a couple of pictures from the event later this afternoon.

Our 5K race this Saturday is Colton's Main Street run in Durant, OK.  They are planning on having just over 100 runners, so it sounds like it could be fun.  This will be the 4th weekend in a row running a 5k.

Early voting starts today, whoopee.  I will be happy when the commercials stop.  They get meaner and more vicious every year.  I'm turned off by all of it.

Stick a fork in the Boys, their season is done.  Maybe they are working on getting a top 5 draft pick next year.


Olivier said...

belle collection d'enseigne et puis il y a plein de chocolat ;))

Lynette said...

Whooee! I'd have to start my doses of probiotics six months in advance to get my innards in shape for even a quarter to this stuff. Of course, then I'd have a time deciding which ones to try. Jim this is one of the best collages I've ever seen! How'd you make it?

Jacob said...

What a great collage! My stomach starts doing flip-flops just looking at this!

Good luck on your run this Saturday. How are you doing on your times?

It's become a mean and vicious world!

brian stout said...

It should be a goal to try all these great foods :) I can mark fried chocolate off the list!

Kate said...

I missed our State Fair this year, but was reminded of its delights by your collage. Great idea!