Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do Not Wash

That should be in big bold letters on the outside of the IPOD package.

At least I still have an old blackberry that works great as a MP3 player.

I ended up running 44.6 miles last month. I'm going to try to better that this month. The next race is the Rib, Rub and Run 5k in Rockwall, Texas on September 11th.


Halcyon said...


Kate said...

Good luck on the next race!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh no!
Say it isn't so!

Good luck on the upcoming run. MB

Don J said...

Mine ended up in pieces for scientific purposes after the wash. Now I know what is in there. It is little magic fairy dust and worker ants.

I did go ahead and get a new iPod nano. The day before they announced the newer, cooler nano, of course.

The blackberry should help with your training, because of the extra weight vs. the iPod.

B SQUARED said...

Maybe it should say, wash at your own risk.