Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cilla & Marabou

Cilla has been busy the last few weeks. Her latest project is dog cookies. You can read about them and purchase them here.

Marabou is her new Labrador Retriever. I found them both at the Outdoor Expo.

Big Brother is over for another year. Lane, who is from Decatur, TX was the runner up. They announced there will be a Big Brother 13, so I have another shot at making it. I have sent in tapes and went to casting calls but never have been picked.

Survivor started last night with ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson as a contestant. He held his own and made it past the first elimination, but just barely.


brian stout said...

i don't even like jimmy johnson, but found myself rooting for him. strange.

SRQ said...

Not into reality shows..what was the casting call like? Adorable lab! So sweet.

Kate said...

What a sweet photo. Both pairs of eyes speak of LOVE!

Small City Scenes said...

Sweet shot.
Good luck on Big Brother---Your time will come.

I saw Jimmy Johnson--quite a character. MB

daimilusllc said...

Thank you so much Jim!!!