Monday, March 24, 2014

Dallas Rock n Roll Half recap

Yesterdays race was awesome.  I didn't run fast, but I finished.  I haven't ran over 6 miles since last Memorial Day.  Mainly because of health issues and the winter always makes is more difficult to get in longer runs when it gets dark early.

Anyway, I started in Corral 12, meaning I thought I would finish in about 2:30 minutes.  I was really thinking 2:45 but I wanted a head start.  I love large races that have a walk up to the start line.  It's always an adrenaline rush.  The race started in Downtown Dallas near City Hall.  It wandered around the streets of Dallas and Highland Park before finishing at Fair Park.  I ended up walking a lot during the second half of the race.  This morning I am barely able to walk, but it's worth it.  The RnR series always has a headliner at the finish line.  This year was the best one yet for Dallas American Authors was the headliner.  They were super!  Sounded great and loud, LOL. 

This was my third Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and I also ran the San Antonio Half Marathon in 2011.  I'm looking forward to many more.  Follow the link for the Dallas race, and click the events tab to find a race close to you.

Waiting for the start of the 2014 Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon

American Authors putting on a fantastic show after the 2014 Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon