Friday, May 4, 2012


I finally was able to upgrade to an iPhone4s.  I love it.  More Skywatch Friday sites are here.

We have another race tomorrow. Its the 5 & 10 mile White Rock and Roll at Winfrey Point.  Brian and I will be running the 10 mile course.

The Dallas Arboretum is trying to turn Winfrey Point into a temporary parking lot to handle overflow parking.  A temporary restraining order has been ordered to prevent the Arboretum from using the area for parking, but a judge will rule today about lifting the order.  If that happens a large portion of Winfrey Point will be mowed and used for parking.  Not only will they plow over wild flowers and grasslands, but it will increase traffic in an area that's going to have over 1000 runners tomorrow morning and hundreds of runners and bicyclists each weekend.

The Arboretum said this is temporary to handle crowds for a Chihuly exhibits. Its also being reported that there are plans to build a two story permanent parking garage on the land.