Monday, December 5, 2011

White Rock Marathon and Bowling season

Yesterday 25,000 runners braved rain, wind and cold 40 degree temperatures to run in the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon.  You didn't have to run 26.2 miles.  They also had a half marathon and a 5 person relay.  The company I work for sponsored a relay team that Brian and I were able to be a part of.  Brian started the race, leg 1 was 5 miles.  I ran leg 3, the longest leg.  Its listed on the course map as a 6.5 mile run, but its really just over 7 miles.  By the time each runner was finished they were soaked from head to toe.  As a team we completed the marathon in 4:39:29.   Maybe next year I will try to run the half.

Its 6AM and still raining.  Terrell has received just over 2 1/4" of rain since Saturday morning.  We need every bit of it.

Once I got back to the finish line I went out and watched runners as they approached the finish line.  Just looking at this picture gives me chills again.

LSU vs Alabama in the BCS Championship game.  I would rather see OK State in the game, but it doesn't matter.  LSU would win against any team its put up against.

I like the Fiesta and Rose Bowl match-ups, but the Orange and Sugar do nothing for me.  I like all three area bowl game match-ups.

Cotton Bowl-Kansas State vs. Arkansas, these teams were a combined 20-4, losing to OK, OK State, LSU and Alabama.

TicketCity Bowl-Penn State vs. Houston.  Organizers of this 2nd year game must be thrilled to get these two teams.

The last area bowl game is the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl-BYU vs. Tulsa.  Both teams like to score.

Teams that finish with only 6 wins should not be eligible to go to a bowl game.  The organizers of the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl must be thrilled with their game. They will pit 6-6 Illinois, who lost their last 6 games against 6-7 UCLA.  The teams were so excited they both fired their coaches in the last few weeks.


Halcyon said...

Looks like it was a wet day for running!

Tanya said...

good job and blah, looks SO cold!

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Lots of sporting events...

brian stout said...

Brrr, the pic really does look cold!

SRQ said...

Congrats on your race! The runners earned their medals for this one...sure looks damp, chilly and miserable. I'm picking up tix for the Outback Bowl. The game is on ABC. Maybe I'll hold up a sign:



Kate said...

40 degrees is cold!!?? Jim, I think that you are a weather wimp! Come to St. Paul, and I'll show what cold really feels like!!

Lowell said...

Good for you! I think you'll soon be doing marathons. It's not much fun to run, though, when the weather's bad.

But I am glad that you're getting some rain. The weather people are warning that here in central Florida we're in the middle of a drought. That usually means lots of fires in our forests.