Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tigers battle the Wildcats

After a week of hitting each other in pads the Tigers were able to set their sites on someone new last night at Memorial Stadium.  The Wildcats from Sulphur Springs traveled to Terrell to scrimmage the Tigers.  There was hard hitting and big plays from both teams, but since it was a scrimmage the final score doesn't matter.  The scrimmage was called a few minutes early when lightening observed in the area.

Close those eyes, you are about to get hit



Kate said...

With all the bad news about the concussions, I probably should not follow football at any level, but I can't stay away from the games! Go Packers!!

Jim Klenke said...

the top picture looks like hes leading with his head, but the shots after this show its his shoulder pad that makes contact. i know the coaches are doing their best to teach how to tackle to avoid concussions, its a big issue in Texas also.