Monday, July 23, 2012

Animal Adoption Event

Saturday, the Terrell Animal Adoption Center had an adoption event at the local Tractor Supply store.  Cilla, in the middle of the picture in uniform, along with her team of volunteers brought 8 dogs to the store.  While hoping for an adoption or two, Cilla said she wasn't expecting anything.  They didn't have time to publicize the event.  By the end of the four hours, I think Cilla said they had two dogs get adopted!  The Center will hold adoption events every third Saturday at Tractor Supply in Terrell.


Olivier said...

une belle cause

Tanya said...

oh that is great! what sweet little pooches!

Kate said...

I love the photos that you post about the Terrell Animal Adoption Agency. For all the rescue canines in your part of the world, I thank you. Although my favorite dog will always be a Norwegian Elkhound (rest in peace my sweet Loki), we now only get rescue dogs, all of whom we have loved and enjoyed: Odin for 12 years, Maggi going on 12, and Lexie (our granddog) almost 3.

Doggies in the great beyond jump happily when they hear your name, Jim (and I have that on good authority!)