Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Double Bubbas

More tasty treats from First Monday in Canton.  Care to try the famous fried cinnamon roll, maybe the famous fried avocado?  Not for you?  Try a deep fried ham and cheese sandwich or a chicken-fried hot dog.

Cash only

Terrell Lady Tigers softball pictures can be found on ihigh.

Update: Tonights playoff game has been cancelled because of the severe weather. 
The Lady Tigers soccer team plays Lovejoy tonight at North Forney HS in the area round of the playoffs.


Olivier said...

tout cela me semble bon

Lynette said...

This is choice, Jim. Totally choice!

About the wine tour, if memory serves me, when I clicked on that part of the Web site, I discovered the wine tour cost $150. I won't be going on one, no siree bob.

Lowell said...

This place has got to be illegal! I mean, really, selling heart attacks on a plate? Sheesh!

SRQ said...

Oh my! My delicate digestive tract would not do well there. Hope you enjoyed it.